About Us

I c i n i t i Corporation has been an integrated e-commerce solution provider to Sage 300™ since 1999. With clients on five continents and in more than ten countries, I c i n i t i is a leader in the Sage e-commerce space. The key to Iciniti’s success has always been deep integration to Sage 300™ and the ability to customize the business logic required to meet customers’ needs.

Since no two businesses are alike, even if they are in the same industry, I c i n i t i provides the ability to easily customize nearly every facet of the software.

This makes I c i n i t i the choice for e-commerce solutions for hundreds of mid-sized companies. I c i n i t i introduced its flagship solution, I c i n i t i Suite™ (formerly eCommSuite 5), which took I c i n i t i to the next level. Built inside Progress Sitefinity's Content Management System (CMS), I c i n i t i Suite™ gives customers the best mobile technologies, social media links, blogs, forum and mail campaigns tools they were asking for, and the deep integration with Sage 300. Based in downtown London, Ontario, Iciniti continues to grow. In 2016, I c i n i t i moved into new office space at 291 King Street. Following a corporate restructuring in early 2017, I c i n i t i added a new executive to the team: Heather Keep! Under the new management, I c i n i t i is realizing record-breaking growth. By implementing Agile development methods and embracing new technologies in-house, I c i n i t i continues to improve operations, deliverables and customer service.