I C I N I T I Support Services can be reached by phone, e-mail or through our JIRA Service Desk.

By Telephone

We're here to help! Feel free to contact us directly and speak with real people who care about your success.

1-866- I C I N I T I (424-6484)
By E-Mail

Use the link below to create a new Support ticket that can then be tracked via our Service Desk.

E-Mail Support

Alternately, use the form on this page to create a ticket with more detail.

Existing Customers

Visit the Service Desk to review your outstanding support tickets.

Have you been asked to share your screen? Download the TeamViewer app for direct connection with our support analysts.

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Training Videos

Click here to access our Training Videos library.

Sitefinity Support Issues

Sage Sitefinity™ is a constantly evolving product offering. As such, I C I N I T I follows the support lifecycle put forth by Sage. For more information on which versions are supported, please consult the Sage Sitefinity™ Lifecycle Policy Guide.

ICINITI Software Assurance

I C I N I T I Annual Software Assurance gives you access to any new versions of your licensed software as long as your annual Software Assurance fee is paid in full. While software is included in Software Assurance, things like support, training, bug fixes (outside the warranty period), and services to install software, are not included.

I C I N I T I supports the current version of our software and two prior versions. With Software Assurance, it is easy to stay current with your software.