Iciniti's Partner Program

Iciniti is relaunching its Partner Program effective July 1, 2018. This new program replaces all previous partner or reseller agreements.

After reviewing our current partner/reseller agreement, an update was required to ensure all parties are treated fairly and refocus on building Iciniti’s business to bring more features and benefits to our product and our customers.

As part of the new program, Iciniti will be working more closely with our reseller partners and sharing regular updates on our products and services.  To keep our partners informed of our mutual client activities and ensure our partners receive margin on sales, Iciniti will begin invoicing the reseller partner for all Iciniti software and services effective July 1, 2018.

Leading up to July 1, Iciniti is reviewing our current partner/reseller sales in 2017 and resetting the tiers for the balance of this year, which will be effective July 1st.  Any invoices after this date will reflect any change to the partner's tier.


  • Increased margin on new software sales
  • New Platinum tier with increased margin and benefits
  • Partners will be invoiced for client sales for all Iciniti annual software assurance, projects, professional services and support and receive margin off the invoice.
  • 3rd party software will continue to be billed directly to the client i.e. hosting and Sitefinity licensing when margin is not paid
  • New Partners automatically qualify as Tier 2/Gold Partner for the first calendar year.
  • New Tiers:
    Partner/Tier 1 < $25,000
    Gold Partner/Tier 2 $25,000 to $50,000
    Platinum Partner/Tier 2 $50,000 +
To receive a copy of the full Iciniti Partner Program Plan and the current Price List, please contact

Partner Program FAQ

I have a previous Reseller Agreement with Iciniti. Is this still valid?

No. The new Partner Program replaces all previous agreements including the Iciniti Corporation Solution Partner Agreement (2015). Iciniti reserved the right to alter this agreement. This notice serves as the required 60-day written notice to terminate the previous agreement.

The margins I currently receive are higher than what I will receive under the new Partner Program. Can I keep the higher margin?

Under all previous reseller or partner agreements, margin was determined by tiers based on the previous 12 months of sales.  However, Iciniti was not in the habit of reviewing the resellers’ sales and setting tiers on an annual basis. In recent years, margin was paid at the highest level, which was usually 20 percent.  To be fair to all resellers/partners and our stakeholders, the tiers will be set in January based on annual NEW sales in the previous calendar year and paid accordingly.

Do I have to sign a new agreement?

No.  All resellers/partners who are currently the Reseller of Record with Iciniti are automatically part of the program.  See the Iciniti Partner Program document for full details.  If there are changes, Iciniti will communicate with our partners and post information on our website.

Where can I get sales and marketing materials?

The best source of current information, downloadable brochures and PowerPoint presentations is  Iciniti will update this site with the latest information.  Resellers have access to additional sales materials which requires a login to the site. Contact to confirm your user account.

Will you have any updates to your software and can you provide information on when and what is changed?

Iciniti will be sending period Partner Newsletters each quarter with updates on changes to our products and services. This will also be posted on the secure Partner area of our website.

Can I schedule a webinar of the Iciniti software products with my team?

Iciniti would be happy to work with your team including hosting webinars. In the upcoming months, Iciniti will schedule regular webinars and publish the dates on the website and in the Partner newsletter. A new YouTube channel will be launched later this year with videos on our products including training and instructional sessions.