Priority Software Support

Make Life Easy!

Iciniti Priority Software support plan includes maintenance and upgrades, and extended weekday and weekend support. Iciniti Support Analysts are there for you when you need a helping hand.

We focus on helping you increase the value of your investment by supporting your needs and solving your toughest problems.


Customers who have purchased a Priority Software Support plan receive the number of cases/tickets identified in their Priority Software Support Agreement. Each new billable ticket will be subtracted from the total number of the your remaining tickets. 

Email / Telephone Support

Iciniti provides email and telephone support for all Iciniti software solutions. Included with the Iciniti Priority Support Plan is ten (10) support tickets per year.

Additional support cases can be purchased in bundles of ten (10).

Customization Support

Iciniti provides full support for all Iciniti developed customizations to our software. This support is included in the ten (10) support tickets per year.

Please note: Support third-party customization is excluded.

Support Software

Iciniti ues TeamViewer to provide support for customer tickets. This software is available to use, free of charge.

Discount on Training Courses

Iciniti provides Sitefinity and Iciniti software training courses. Priority Software Support customers will receive 25% off all Iciniti training courses.

Pingdom - Site Monitoring

With a Priority Software Support plan your site is monitored by Pingdom. The Iciniti Support team and a representative from your company will receive an email alert within minutes of any issues with your site's connectivity.

SecurityMetrics - PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is designed to protect businesses and their customers against payment card theft and fraud.

With a Priority Software Support plan, you can purchase a SecurityMetrics PCI compliance analysis for US$189.00.

Service Packs and Upgrades

All Iciniti and Sitefinity Services Packs and Upgrades are included with Software Assurance. With a Priority Software Support plan, you will receive one minor version upgrade per year.

To upgrade to an Iciniti Priority Support Plan, please contact